Invited Presentations

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2018, Nov. 1). Using 3D and VR for research and teaching: Preservation challenges. Born to Be 3D: Digital Stewardship of Intrinsic 3D Data, Forum at Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2016, November 17). Studying the epistemologies of preserving visual information. History of Science Brown Bag Talk, Dept. of History of Science, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.

Lischer-Katz, Z., & Resch, G. (2016, June 9). Data physicalization and visual epistemologies. Presentation at Unflattening and enacting visualization, City University of New York – Graduate Center, New York, NY.

Conference Presentations

Clark, J., & Lischer-Katz, Z. (2020). Supporting accessible XR in the academic library: Institutional and practical challenges. Paper to be presented at Ethical XR Symposium, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL (Feb. 21).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2019, July). Analyzing assemblages of digital texts: Bibliographic codes in virtual reality. Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, & Publishing (SHARP), Annual Meeting, Amherst, MA (July 15-19).

Lischer-Katz, Z., & Cook, M. (2018, February). Evaluating virtual reality use in academic library-supported  course integrations: Methodology and initial findings. Association for Library and Information Science Education, Annual Meeting, Denver, CO (February 6-9).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2017 November). Lasers, points, and polygons: Epistemologies for 3D modeling the world. Imagined Forms: Modeling and Material Culture, Center for Material Culture Studies, University of Delaware (Nov. 17-18, 2017).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2017 November). Curating 3D/VR digital assets: Challenges and directions forward. Central Plains Network for Digital Asset Management, Virtual Conference (Nov. 7).

Lischer-Katz, Z., & Carlisle, T. (2017 October). Disrupting the (digital) library: CLIR fellows as change agents for digital scholarship services in academic libraries. Digital Library Federation Forum, Pittsburgh, PA (Oct. 23-25).

Lischer-Katz, Z., & Cook, M. (2017 April). Virtual reality in the trenches: Addressing the preservation challenges of virtual reality for scholarship. Coalition for Networked Information, Albuquerque, NM (April 3-4).

Negri, S., Lipman, R., Fossati, G., Lischer-Katz, Z., & Currò, D. (2017 March). De-materialized evidence: Film archival holdings and the transition to digital technology. Workshop at the Society for Cinema & Media Studies Conference, Chicago (March 22-26).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2016). Languages of visual remediation: “Translating” codified knowledge through digitization guidelines for visual materials. Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing annual conference, Paris, France (July 18-21).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2015).  New materialist directions for studying media archives. The 6th International Conference on the Image, University of California, Berkeley (October 29-30).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2015). Information institutions and digital (re)production: Approaches to historicizing preservation technology. Library History Seminar XIII, Simmons College, Boston (July 31-August 2).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2015). Studying the visual epistemologies of digitization: A theoretical and methodological framework. Archival Education & Research Institute, University of Maryland, College Park (July 13-17).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2015). Reading temporality in ascendant electronic environments: A phenomenological-textual inquiry into social media platforms as reading apparatuses. Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing Annual Conference, Montreal & Longueuil, Canada (July 7-10).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2015). Digital reformatting as memory practice:  Reflections on digitizing a personal audiovisual collection. Personal Digital Archiving Conference, New York University (April 24-26).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2015). The calibration of the visible: Critical approaches to the digitization of media archives. Ryerson and York Universities’ Intersections 2015 Conference, Toronto, Canada (March 13-14).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2014). The Book of Changes and print fixity: John Cage’s aleatory publishing practices.  Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing, Annual Conference, Antwerp, Belgium (September 17-21).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2014). Exploring archival standards within the sociology of knowledge. Archival Education and Research Institute, University of Pittsburgh (July 14-18).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2014). Identifying radical memory practices in archival infrastructures.

Radical Archives Conference, Asian/Pacific/American Institute, New York University (April 11-12).

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2014). Archival intervention as radical politics?: Occupy Wall Street and the limits of control. Memories, Identities & Communities Conference, Centre for Archive and Information Services, University of Dundee, Scotland (April 23-25).